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Navigating Change: CloudLinux 6/7 End-of-Life and Migration Strategies

CloudLinux 6/7 End-of-Life

Effective July 1st, 2024, CloudLinux 6 and 7 will reach End of Life (EOL). Routine updates and support will cease, but critical CVE support for issues with a severity score of 8 or higher will continue until July 1st, 2025. This extension allows administrators additional time to plan migrations.

Additionally, the repositories will remain available with the frozen versions of packages until March 1st, 2029.

Meet the CloudLinux Team at CloudFest 2024!

CLmeet2024CloudLinux is excited to be the Platinum Sponsor for CloudFest 2024! This major event will gather experts in cloud, hosting, and internet infrastructure. CloudLinux looks forward to presenting our newest products and innovations to support your business.

Discover the Future of WordPress at WordCamp Phoenix 2024 with CloudLinux’s CEO

WordCamp Phoenix 2024 with CloudLinux’s CEO

Attention WordPress enthusiasts! The much-anticipated WordCamp Phoenix 2024 is just around the corner, and it’s shaping up to be an event you won’t want to miss. Scheduled for February 9-10 at Phoenix College in Arizona, this event promises to be a melting pot of ideas, innovations, and insights in the world of WordPress.


Welcoming Patchman to the CloudLinux Family: A Strategic Acquisition for Enhanced Solutions

CloudLinux acquires Patchman for superior tech solutions

At Cloud Linux Software, Inc., we are thrilled to share a pivotal update with our community. Today marks a significant milestone in our growth and commitment to delivering superior solutions in the tech industry. We are proud to announce the acquisition of the Patchman service from Patchman B.V., a strategic move that aligns with our vision of offering cutting-edge services and technologies.

CloudLinux 8.9 release

CL OS 8.9 Release

We are pleased to announce that a new CloudLinux OS 8.9 is now available. Since AlmaLinux OS announced new version availability, CloudLinux team is happy to test it and set up a gradual rollout for all our customers.


ETA for the full rollout is December 11th


Version 8.9 updates include improved security management, updated application streams, and enhanced automation capabilities for systems and containers.

You can read more about this release by checking out the AlmaLinux OS Release Notes.

CloudLinux Subsystem for Ubuntu® 20.04 Stable Release! 🎉


CloudLinux Subsystem for Ubuntu® 20.04 Stable Release

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** Ubuntu is a registered trademark of Canonical Ltd.


Remember when cPanel first announced its support for Ubuntu® in 2022? Well, the collaboration doesn't end there. We're thrilled to announce that after one year of Beta testing CloudLinux OS is releasing a Stable version of a free extension designed exclusively for Ubuntu® 20.04 LTS users. This exciting development means that you can now upgrade your Ubuntu® production server with key CloudLinux OS features without complicated server conversions, OS reinstalls, or migration headaches.

Announcing the Release: AccelerateWP is Live for DirectAdmin!

CL_AWP directadmin_V1 copyAccelerateWP officially exited beta status earlier this year and our team has since introduced more than 15 new features that enhance the value of AccelerateWP even more. We are delighted to conclude this year of development by providing support for another important segment of our clients - those using DirectAdmin. We're thrilled to announce that CloudLinux OS is now fully integrated and compatible with hosting software for all our clients. DirectAdmin users who have been eagerly awaiting AccelerateWP can now jump on board. You are warmly invited to become AccelerateWP providers.

CloudLinux OS 9: Introducing the latest 9.3 version, now accessible for non-panel, custom panel, and cPanel users from version onwards

CL_CloudLinux 9_V1 copyThe CloudLinux OS team is pleased to announce the availability of the new 9.3 version, along with cPanel (>= support and significant improvements for our customers. Let's go through the release in the blog post.


Full (stable) integration with CloudLinux 9 -  cPanel will be provided in the 11.118 cPanel version. 

Starting from cPanel you don’t need an experimental key to install it on CloudLinux 9, but this is still the beta (experimental) phase of integration CloudLinux 9 -  cPanel.

Getting ready for 7 to 8 migration with CloudLinux ELevate: Release Candidate #2. Join our test group to speed up Stable release!

CL_CloudLinux Elevate_V1 copy

Following Release Candidate #1, we are pleased to report significant progress in the number of helpful clients who have been assisting us in transitioning to the stable version with their feedback. We are now ready to announce Release Candidate #2.

CloudLinux ELevate, the project designed to support migrations between major versions of RHEL derivatives, has reached an exciting milestone with the release of its first candidate version. With various improvements and enhancements in cPanel integration, the ELevate project is rapidly progressing towards its stable release. You learn more about CloudLinux ELevate on our website here and follow our updates in a blog.

Make Your Managed VPS Offering Stand Out with AccelerateWP: Premium WordPress Performance Comparable to High-End Managed WordPress Hosting

CL_Stand Out in Your Managed VPS Hosting_V2 copy

For VPS providers looking to enhance their WordPress offering, our latest performance features are now ready for integration. Depending on your infrastructure and client base, these functionalities can be made available to individual VPS users or implemented on all your VPS servers with CloudLinux OS Solo or Admin licenses. With the addition of AccelerateWP premium services, you can provide top-tier optimization value to your VPS customers.



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