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CloudLinux 8.8 release

CloudLinux OS 8.8

We are pleased to announce that a new CloudLinux OS 8.8 is now available. Since AlmaLinux OS announced new version availability, CloudLinux team is happy to test it and set up a gradual rollout for all our customers. 

ETA for full rollout: June 10, 2023.


Why AccelerateWP is better than just Redis Object Cache

AccelerateWP Object Cache

Redis Object Cache can make a huge difference for websites – but it doesn’t add performance value for every website. And for hosting companies, managing Redis instances per-user is notoriously challenging in shared hosting environments.
That’s where AccelerateWP comes in – a secured and automated way to deploy Redis only to the customers that will benefit. And, as a key point for hosting providers, it enables a new revenue stream and allows hosting companies to bill customers to recuperate the costs associated with consuming Redis instance resources. 
Keep reading to find out how AccelerateWP can boost the right customer’s websites, grow your hosting revenue, and achieve that without wasting resources along the way.

CloudLinux OS 9.2 is now available for non-panel and custom panel installations

CLOUDLINUX 9.2_V2 copy

The CloudLinux OS team is happy to announce the availability of the new 9.2 version for our customers. 

CloudLinux OS 9.2 is built upon the AlmaLinux release, introducing a range of enhancements and features. This update streamlines the delivery of workloads, applications, and services across various environments, minimizing the required effort and workload time.

Meet the CloudLinux Team at CloudFest USA 2023!



We are thrilled to announce that the CloudLinux Team will be attending CloudFest USA 2023 from May 31st to June 3rd in Austin, TX, USA. As the proud Gold Sponsor of this event, we're gearing up to connect with you and showcase our innovative solutions that keep the cloud safe and secure.

AccelerateWP releases highly requested premium features for your WordPress Hosting

Critical CSS generation & Image optimization

Game-changing Release: Critical CSS Generation & Image Optimization. New Services Deliver 75% More Advice and Automated Optimization for Website Owners and Upselling opportunities for Hosting Providers!


We are proud to be recognized for our rock-solid stability provider for hosters and we’re happy to move forward knowing what tools can best help our clients stay competitive (and make more profit) in a fast-paced market. Today, we are excited to deliver the highest value release of functionality since the original launch of AccelerateWP that brings substantial performance value to WordPress hosting.

Debunking the Blame Game: Why Web Hosts, Not Users, Must Own WordPress Website Security


In today's digital landscape, website security is of paramount importance, especially for WordPress sites. A common misconception is that the responsibility for website security falls squarely on the end user or website owner. However, this perspective is short-sighted and neglects the intricate and ever-evolving nature of the WordPress ecosystem. In reality, web hosts should step up and take charge of their customers' website security, putting an end to the blame game. Here's why:

PHP 5.1 End-Of-Life

php51eol_bannerIt is time to say goodbye to PHP 5.1. As one of the earliest web development tools, we’ve supported PHP 5.1 for many years.

However, the technology behind PHP 5.1 is outdated and only a small number of websites still use it. We are officially end of life-ing our support for PHP 5.1. If you check the PHP.net end-of-life schedule, it's been dead upstream for almost 17 years.

ELevate: Plan Your CloudLinux 7 To 8 Migration (Now including cPanel). Beta release


Easily migrating between CloudLinux OS versions was never easy – but that’s changing. Remember the last time you performed mass migration? Even simply changing a workplace takes tons of effort and strength.

Getting it right is critical when we talk about customer-facing products and services, but it’s also tough. That’s why we’re happy to continue developing the ELevate project, which is now also available for cPanel users of CloudLinux OS 7.

New Video Content: Workforce Planning Webinar Now Available On Demand

YT_webinarcoverView our recent webinar any time to revisit key concepts or to use a tool to help in planning. “Optimize Talent, Retain Customers, and Grow Profits through Technical Support Planning” is now available to view any time by clicking here.

*New Webinar* Optimize Talent, Retain Customers, and Grow Profits through Technical Support Planning


The challenges of global disruption, skills shortages, and economic uncertainty persist. While employees are often left without guidance to figure out what skills they need to meet the company’s objectives, progress to the next level or how to effectively share knowledge. It is especially important now, when every business is looking to maximize the talent they have. 

Workforce planning is all about bringing the big picture to life: putting the right people with the right skills in the right roles at the right time. And even though a lot of companies fail at executing the ideal plan – it’s entirely possible with the right guidance.

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