Author: Ivan Zhmud

Reducing the time between upstream kernel releases


We at CloudLinux are on a mission to make Linux secure, stable and manageable and system administrators’ life feels like a walk in the park. And we think that the task of reducing the time between upstream kernel releases aligns with our mission.

Houston! We are on Jupiter!


I’m very excited to announce that we’ve adapted the CloudLinux Manager on cPanel & WHM Version 98 with a new called Jupiter.

Beta: CloudLinux OS Solo & DirectAdmin – better together


CloudLinux OS Solo is growing and expanding so that more and more customers can bring all the benefits of the CloudLinux OS Solo edition to manage their servers.

Expanding the hardware for Autohybridization


We at CloudLinux have a mechanism allowing to bring kernel and kernel module updates from CentOS 8 to the CloudLinux OS Shared 7 kernel – we call it hybridization – and so the kernel is hybrid. You might notice such names as “CloudLinux OS 7 Hybrid” in our announcements.

New exciting features in the last LVE Manager beta release


Today, we have released to beta a new updated version of our fantastic LVE Manager. And I'm here to introduce the new exciting features LVE Manager brings. Let's take a close look at them.

MySQL Governor: Moving from All to Abusers mode


We deprecated the “All” mode for MySQL Governor. And we will stop supporting it starting the first of September.

CloudLinux OS Solo: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


After the release of CloudLinux OS Solo, we’ve got a lot of feedback from our customers. But along with compliments, our support team keeps receiving questions about CloudLinux OS Solo. And here I am to answer the most frequently asked questions.

X-Ray Automated Throttling Detection – a new tool in CloudLinux OS+

XRay Automated Faults Detection

As CloudLinux OS+ is developing and growing, it gets more and more tools that help system administrators to maintain servers and care for them.



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