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Update on CloudLinux OS 7 EOL


CloudLinux has recently announced the end-of-life for CloudLinux OS 7 (June 30, 2024). But don't fret; we're here to guide you through this transition with clarity and give you enough time to migrate to the latest version of CloudLinux OS. Here are updates on CloudLinux OS 7 EOL and its current status.


Transitioning from CentOS 7 to CloudLinux OS 8: Upgrade for Enhanced Security and Performance


As the CentOS 7 lifecycle nears its end, many businesses and IT professionals face the challenge of finding a suitable, secure, and high-performing replacement for their server environments. The perfect solution? Upgrading to CloudLinux OS 8. This upgrade is not just a step forward; it's a leap towards greater stability, security, and efficiency.

Discover the Future of Web Hosting with Our Whitepaper


The web hosting industry is rapidly expanding and is expected to grow in value and diversity in the near future. This sector offers a variety of hosting services such as shared, dedicated, VPS, and Managed WordPress hosting. While shared hosting continues to be widely used, service providers are now offering a broader range of hosting options to meet diverse needs.

Elevating WordPress Hosting: The WP Squared and CloudLinux Collaboration

Elevating WordPress Hosting: The WP Squared and CloudLinux Collaboration

WebPros is excited to launch WP Squared, a revolutionary WordPress hosting solution, and CloudLinux is equally pleased to be part of this venture. This partnership fundamentally changes the hosting landscape by delivering unmatched speed, security, and performance—key elements for any successful website. WP Squared simplifies WordPress management, offering a streamlined, user-oriented platform that incorporates CloudLinux's cutting-edge products - Imunify360 Unlimited, CloudLinux OS Shared Pro, and AccelerateWP Premium.

Scheduled Maintenance: Payment Service Impact on Subscription Hosting Clients

We're reaching out to inform you about an upcoming disruption to our payment services due to essential system maintenance.

Welcoming Patchman to the CloudLinux Family: A Strategic Acquisition for Enhanced Solutions

CloudLinux acquires Patchman for superior tech solutions

At Cloud Linux Software, Inc., we are thrilled to share a pivotal update with our community. Today marks a significant milestone in our growth and commitment to delivering superior solutions in the tech industry. We are proud to announce the acquisition of the Patchman service from Patchman B.V., a strategic move that aligns with our vision of offering cutting-edge services and technologies.

Meet the CloudLinux Team at CloudFest USA 2023!



We are thrilled to announce that the CloudLinux Team will be attending CloudFest USA 2023 from May 31st to June 3rd in Austin, TX, USA. As the proud Gold Sponsor of this event, we're gearing up to connect with you and showcase our innovative solutions that keep the cloud safe and secure.

New Video Content: Workforce Planning Webinar Now Available On Demand

YT_webinarcoverView our recent webinar any time to revisit key concepts or to use a tool to help in planning. “Optimize Talent, Retain Customers, and Grow Profits through Technical Support Planning” is now available to view any time by clicking here.

*New Webinar* Optimize Talent, Retain Customers, and Grow Profits through Technical Support Planning


The challenges of global disruption, skills shortages, and economic uncertainty persist. While employees are often left without guidance to figure out what skills they need to meet the company’s objectives, progress to the next level or how to effectively share knowledge. It is especially important now, when every business is looking to maximize the talent they have. 

Workforce planning is all about bringing the big picture to life: putting the right people with the right skills in the right roles at the right time. And even though a lot of companies fail at executing the ideal plan – it’s entirely possible with the right guidance.

New Video Content: “Don’t End of Life and Replace…ELevate in Place!”

CloudLinux OS Webinar

We had such an overwhelming response from our webinar about upgrading from CentOS / CloudLinux OS 7 to 8 through AlmaLinux’s ELevate, we’ve decided to make it available via YouTube.



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