Live Webinar, Thursday 17 September: CloudLinux Reborn: Continuous Improvement for the Hosting Business

Sep 8, 2020 7:38:14 PM / by Alexander Vinogradov




At 12 pm EST on Thursday 17 September, we’ll be conducting a live webinar on the features included in CloudLinux OS+. 

We’ll also be conducting a live demo of our new OS. Sign up to watch the demo and explore the capabilities of CloudLinux OS+.


Learn about CloudLinux OS+ features 


During this webinar, CloudLinux Team will be exploring topics that include:

    • PHP X-Ray
      CloudLinux OS+ includes a new performance tracing tool called PHP X-Ray. It provides detailed information on performance bottlenecks in web sites that use content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. If a site has slow plugins or slow queries, this tool helps detect them.
    • Centralized Monitoring
      CloudLinux OS+ includes Centralized Monitoring, a new tool that enables sysadmins to monitor servers across their hosting infrastructure. It helps them identify users and domains that use an inordinate amount of CPU, memory, and disk resources.
    • Priority Support
      CloudLinux OS+ includes CloudLinux’s highest level of customer support. That means a 30 minute response SLA, Level 2 tickets from the start, and the highest priority of bug fixing.


Webinar attendees will be able to see how all of these tools and features work, in a live demo of CloudLinux OS+. 

Register here


Engage in the Q&A session


The CloudLinux team will be answering questions in real time during this webinar. If you have any questions that you’d like answered, just send them to us in advance at


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Alexander Vinogradov

Written by Alexander Vinogradov

CloudLinux OS Product Manager

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