PHP packages within CentOS 6 Extended Lifecycle Support have been scheduled for gradual rollout

Nov 19, 2020 8:11:12 PM / by Inessa Atmachian



We are happy to announce that a new updated PHP package within CentOS 6 extended lifecycle support has been scheduled for gradual rollout from our production repository.

Rollout slot: 1

Rolled out to: 1%

ETA for 100% rollout: December, 3


  • Fix bug #69720: Null pointer dereference in phar_get_fp_offset()
  • Fix bug #70728: Type Confusion Vulnerability in PHP_to_XMLRPC_worker()
  • Fix bug #70661: Use After Free Vulnerability in WDDX Packet Deserialization
  • Fix bug #70741: Session WDDX Packet Deserialization Type Confusion Vulnerability
  • Fix bug #71459: Integer overflow in iptcembed()
  • Fix bug #71039: exec functions ignore length but look for NULL termination
  • Fix bug #71354: Heap corruption in tar/zip/phar parser.
  • Fix bug #71391: NULL Pointer Dereference in phar_tar_setupmetadata()
  • Fix bug #71323: Output of stream_get_meta_data can be falsified by its input
  • Fix bug #71498: Out-of-Bound Read in phar_parse_zipfile()
  • Fix bug #71587: Use-After-Free / Double-Free in WDDX Deserialize
  • Fix bug #71860: Invalid memory write in phar on filename with \0 in name
  • Fix bug #71798: Integer Overflow in php_raw_url_encode
  • Fix bug #72837: integer overflow in bzdecompress caused heap corruption
  • Fix bug #72681: PHP Session Data Injection Vulnerability
  • Fix bug #72807: integer overflow in curl_escape caused heap corruption
  • Fix bug #72838: Integer overflow lead to heap corruption in sql_regcase
  • Fix bug #72697: select_colors write out-of-bounds
  • Fix bug #72730: imagegammacorrect allows arbitrary write access
  • Fix bug #72836: integer overflow in base64_decode caused heap corruption
  • Fix bug #72848: integer overflow in quoted_printable_encode caused heap corruption
  • Fix bug #72849: integer overflow in urlencode caused heap corruption
  • Fix bug #72850: integer overflow in php_uuencode caused heap corruption
  • Fix bug #72771: ftps:// wrapper is vulnerable to protocol downgrade attack
  • Fix bug #72749: wddx_deserialize allows illegal memory access
  • Fix bug #72750: wddx_deserialize null dereference
  • Fix bug #72790: wddx_deserialize null dereference with invalid xml
  • Fix bug #72799: wddx_deserialize null dereference in php_wddx_pop_element
  • Fix bug #73189: Memcpy negative size parameter php_resolve_path
  • Fix bug #73150: missing NULL check in dom_document_save_html
  • Fix bug #73284: heap overflow in php_ereg_replace function
  • Fix bug #73218: stack-buffer-overflow through "ResourceBundle" methods
  • Fix bug #73208: integer overflow in imap_8bit caused heap corruption
  • Fix bug #73082: string length overflow in mb_encode_* function
  • Fix bug #73174: heap overflow in php_pcre_replace_impl
  • Fix bug #73276: crash in openssl_random_pseudo_bytes function
  • Fix bug #73275: crash in openssl_encrypt function
  • Fix bug #73017: memory corruption in wordwrap function
  • Fix bug #73240: Write out of bounds at number_format
  • Fix bug #73073: CachingIterator null dereference when convert to string
  • Fix bug #73293: NULL pointer dereference in SimpleXMLElement::asXML()
  • Fix bug #73356: crash in bzcompress function
  • Fix bug #72696: imagefilltoborder stackoverflow on truecolor images
  • Fix bug #73418: Integer Overflow in "_php_imap_mail" leads Heap Overflow
  • Fix bug #73144: Use-after-free in ArrayObject Deserialization
  • Fix bug #73192: parse_url return wrong hostname
  • Fix bug #73331: NULL Pointer Dereference in WDDX Packet Deserialization with PDORow
  • Fix bug #73452: Segfault (Regression for #69152)
  • Fix bug #73631: Invalid read when wddx decodes empty boolean element
  • Fix bug #67587: Redirection loop on nginx with FPM
  • Fix bug #71465: PHAR doesn't know about litespeed
  • Fix bug #73737: FPE when parsing a tag format
  • Fix bug #73868: Fix DOS vulnerability in gdImageCreateFromGd2Ctx()
  • Fix bug #73869: Signed Integer Overflow gd_io.c
  • Fix bug #73773: Seg fault when loading hostile phar
  • Fix bug #70436: Use After Free Vulnerability in unserialize()
  • Fix bug #74603: PHP INI Parsing Stack Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
  • Fix bug #72535: arcfour encryption stream filter crashes php
  • Fix bug #72434: ZipArchive class Use After Free Vulnerability in PHP's
  • GC algorithm and unseria
  • Fix bug #72455: Heap Overflow due to integer overflows
  • Fix bug #74782: Reflected XSS in .phar 404 page
  • Fix bug #71335: Type Confusion in WDDX Packet Deserialization
  • Fix bug #76130: Heap Buffer Overflow (READ: 1786) in exif_iif_add_value
  • Fix bug #76249: stream filter convert.iconv leads to infinite loop on invalid sequence
  • Fix bug #76248: Malicious LDAP-Server Response causes Crash
  • Fix bug #76129: fix for CVE-2018-5712 may not be complete
  • Fix bug #75981: stack-buffer-overflow while parsing HTTP response
  • Fix bug #74385: Locale::parseLocale() broken with some arguments
  • Fix bug #76335: "link(): Bad file descriptor" with non-ASCII path
  • Fix bug #76383: array_map on $GLOBALS returns IS_INDIRECT
  • Fix bug #73342: Vulnerability in php-fpm by changing stdin to non-blocking
  • Fix bug #76505: array_merge_recursive() is duplicating sub-array keys
  • Fix bug #76532: Integer overflow and excessive memory usage in mb_strimwidth
  • Fix bug #76548: pg_fetch_result did not fetch the next row
  • Fix bug #76488: Memory leak when fetching a BLOB field
  • Fix bug #76665: SQLite3Stmt::bindValue() with SQLITE3_FLOAT doesn't juggle
  • Fix bug #75402: Possible Memory Leak using PDO::CURSOR_SCROLL option
  • Fix bug #76517: --with-gettext= causes configure to misjudges there is no getcwd
  • Fix bug #72443: Installing shared extensions: cp: cannot stat 'modules/*': No such file or dire
  • Fix bug #68175: RegexIterator pregFlags are NULL instead of 0
  • Fix bug #55146: iconv_mime_decode_headers() skips some headers
  • Fix bug #63839: iconv_mime_decode_headers function is skipping headers
  • Fix bug #60494: iconv_mime_decode does ignore special characters
  • Fix bug #68180: iconv_mime_decode can return extra characters in a header
  • Fix bug #73457: Wrong error message when fopen FTP wrapped fails to open data connection
  • Fix bug #74454: Wrong exception being thrown when using ReflectionMethod
  • Fix bug #74764: Bindto IPv6 works with file_get_contents but fails with stream_socket_client
  • Fix bug #75273: php_zlib_inflate_filter() may not update bytes_consumed
  • Fix bug #75696: posix_getgrnam fails to print details of group
  • Fix bug #76480: Use curl_multi_wait() so that timeouts are respected
  • Fix bug #76800: foreach inconsistent if array modified during loop
  • Fix bug #76886: Can't build xmlrpc with expat
  • Fix bug #76901: method_exists on SPL iterator passthrough method corrupts memory
  • Fix bug #77242: heap out of bounds read in xmlrpc_decode()
  • Fix bug #77247: heap buffer overflow in phar_detect_phar_fname_ext
  • Fix bug #77270: imagecolormatch Out Of Bounds Write on Heap
  • Fix bug #77370: Buffer overflow on mb regex functions - fetch_token
  • Fix bug #77380: Global out of bounds read in xmlrpc base64 code
  • Fix bug #77630: rename() across the device may allow unwanted access during processing
  • Fix bug #77494: Disabling class causes segfault on member access
  • Fix bug #77431: openFile() silently truncates after a null byte
  • Fix bug #51068: DirectoryIterator glob:// don't support current path relative queries
  • Fix bug #77396: Null Pointer Dereference in phar_create_or_parse_filename
  • Fix bug #77540: Invalid Read on exif_process_SOFn
  • Fix bug #77390: feof might hang on TLS streams in case of fragmented TLS records
  • Fix bug #77586: phar_tar_writeheaders_int() buffer overflow
  • Fix bug #77546: iptcembed broken function
  • Fix bug #77563: Uninitialized read in exif_process_IFD_in_MAKERNOTE
  • Fix bug #76557: heap-buffer-overflow (READ of size 48) while reading exif data
  • Fix bug #77024: SplFileObject::__toString() may return array
  • Fix bug #77945: Segmentation fault when constructing SoapClient with WSDL_CACHE_BOTH
  • Fix bug #77697: Crash on Big_Endian platform
  • Fix bug #77943: imageantialias($image, false); does not work
  • Fix bug #77944: Wrong meta pdo_type for bigint on LLP64
  • Fix bug #76717: var_export() does not create a parsable value for PHP_INT_MIN
  • Fix bug #77921: doesn't work anymore
  • Fix bug #77934: php-fpm kill -USR2 not working
  • Fix bug #77700: Writing truecolor images as GIF ignores interlace flag
  • Fix bug #77765: FTP stream wrapper should set the directory as executable
  • Fix bug #50020: DateInterval:createDateFromString() silently fails
  • Fix bug #77742: bcpow() implementation related to gcc compiler optimization
  • Fix bug #77967: Bypassing open_basedir restrictions via file uris
  • Fix bug #77973: Uninitialized read in gdImageCreateFromXbm
  • Fix bug #77988: heap-buffer-overflow on php_jpg_get16
  • Fix bug #78192: SegFault when reuse statement after schema has changed
  • Fix bug #77124: FTP with SSL memory leak
  • Fix bug #78256: heap-buffer-overflow on exif_process_user_comment
  • Fix bug #78222: heap-buffer-overflow on exif_scan_thumbnail
  • Fix bug #77946: Bad cURL resources returned by curl_multi_info_read()
  • Fix bug #78333: Exif crash (bus error) due to wrong alignment and invalid cast
  • Fix bug #69100: Bus error from stream_copy_to_stream (file -> SSL stream) with invalid length
  • Fix bug #76342: file_get_contents waits twice specified timeout
  • Fix bug #76859: stream_get_line skips data if used with data-generating filter
  • Fix bug #78579: mb_decode_numericentity: args number inconsistency
  • Fix bug #78910: Heap-buffer-overflow READ in exif
  • Fix bug #78878: Buffer underflow in bc_shift_addsub
  • Fix bug #78793: Use-after-free in exif parsing under memory sanitizer
  • Fix bug #78863: DirectoryIterator class silently truncates after a null byte
  • Fix bug #79099: OOB read in php_strip_tags_ex
  • Fix bug #79082: Files added to tar with Phar::buildFromIterator have all-access permissions
  • Fix bug #79329: get_headers() silently truncates after a null byte
  • Fix bug #79282: Use-of-uninitialized-value in exif
  • Fix bug #61597: SimpleXMLElement doesn't include both @attributes and textContent in properties
  • Fix bug #74940: DateTimeZone loose comparison always true until properties are initialized.
  • Fix bug #79296: ZipArchive::open fails on empty file (libzip 1.6.0)
  • Fix bug #79330: shell_exec() silently truncates after a null byte
  • Fix bug #79364: When copy empty array, next key is unspecified.
  • Fix bug #79396: DateTime hour incorrect during DST jump forward using setTime
  • Fix bug #79410: system() swallows last chunk if it is exactly 4095 bytes without newline
  • Fix bug #79424: php_zip_glob uses gl_pathc after call to globfree
  • Fix bug #79465: OOB Read in urldecode() (CVE-2020-7067)
  • Fix bug #78221: DOMNode::normalize() doesn't remove empty text nodes
  • Fix bug #78875: Long filenames cause OOM and temp files are not cleaned (CVE-2019-11048)
  • Fix bug #78876: Long variables in multipart/form-data cause OOM and temp files are not cleaned (CVE-2019-11048)
  • Fix bug #79514: Memory leaks while including unexistent file
  • Fix bug #79528: Different object of the same xml between 7.4.5 and 7.4.4
  • Fix bug #62890: default_socket_timeout=-1 causes connection to timeout
  • Fix bug #70362: Can't copy() large 'data://' with open_basedir
  • Fix bug #73527: Invalid memory access in php_filter_strip
  • Fix bug #74267: segfault with streams and invalid data
  • Fix bug #79787: mb_strimwidth does not trim string
  • Fix bug #79877: getimagesize function silently truncates after a null byte
  • Fix bug #68447: grapheme_extract take an extra trailing character
  • Fix bug #68825: Inconsistent exception in DirectoryIterator::getLinkTarget()
  • Fix bug #74145: wddx parsing empty boolean tag leads to SIGSEGV (CVE-2017-11143)
  • Fix bug #74651: negative-size-param (-1) in memcpy in zif_openssl_seal() (CVE-2017-11144)
  • Fix bug #74435: Buffer over-read into uninitialized memory (CVE-2017-7890)
  • Fix bug #73093: Unserialize Exception object can lead to infinite loop (CVE-2016-7478)
  • Fix bug #72520: Stack-based buffer overflow vulnerability in php_stream_zip_opener (CVE-2016-6297)
  • Fix bug #73825: Heap out of bounds read on unserialize in finish_nested_data() (CVE-2016-10161)
  • Fix bug #60491: Session module is adoptive (CVE-2011-4718)
  • Fix bug #69253: ZIP Integer Overflow leads to writing past heap boundary (CVE-2015-2331)
  • Fix bug #69418: CVE-2006-7243 fix regressions in 5.4+ (CVE-2015-4025)
  • Fix bug #68598: pcntl_exec() should not allow null char (CVE-2015-4026)
  • Fix bug #69207: move_uploaded_file allows nulls in path (CVE-2015-2348)
  • Fix bug #69218: potential remote code execution with apache 2.4 apache2handler (CVE-2015-3330)
  • Fix bug #69719: Incorrect handling of paths with NULs, related to bug 69353 (CVE-2015-4598)
  • Fix bug #69353: Missing null byte checks for paths in various PHP extensions (CVE-2015-3411)
  • Fix bugs #70168, #70169, #70166, #70155: Use After Free Vulnerability in unserialize() with SplObjectStorage, SplDoublyLinkedList, SPLArrayObject, SPLArrayObject (CVE-2015-6831)
  • Fix bug #70019: Files extracted from archive may be placed outside of destination directory (CVE-2015-6833)
  • Fix bug #70388: SOAP serialize_function_call() type confusion / RCE (CVE-2015-6836)
  • Fix bug #69782: NULL pointer dereference (CVE-2015-6837, CVE-2015-6838)
  • Fix bug #70433: Uninitialized pointer in phar_make_dirstream when zip entry filename is "/" (CVE-2015-7804)
  • Fix bug #69923: Buffer overflow and stack smashing error in phar_fix_filepath (CVE-2015-5590)
  • Fix bug #71488: Stack overflow when decompressing tar archives (CVE-2016-2554)
  • Fix bug #72061: Out-of-bounds reads in zif_grapheme_stripos with negative offset (CVE-2016-4541, CVE-2016-4540)
  • Fix bug #72094: Out of bounds heap read access in exif header processing (CVE-2016-4542)
  • Fix bug #72093: bcpowmod accepts negative scale and corrupts _one_ definition (CVE-2016-4537)
  • Fix bug #71331: Uninitialized pointer in phar_make_dirstream() (CVE-2016-4343)
  • Fix bug #72241: get_icu_value_internal out-of-bounds read (CVE-2016-5093)
  • Fix bug #72135: Integer Overflow in php_html_entities() (CVE-2016-5094)
  • Fix bug #72114: Integer underflow / arbitrary null write in fread/gzread (CVE-2016-5096)
  • Fix bug #72339: Integer Overflow in _gd2GetHeader() resulting in heap overflow (CVE-2016-5766)
  • Fix bug #72340: Double Free Courruption in wddx_deserialize (CVE-2016-5772)
  • Fix bug #72613: Inadequate error handling in bzread() (CVE-2016-5399)
  • Fix bug #70480: php_url_parse_ex() buffer overflow read (CVE-2016-6288)
  • Fix bug #72513: Stack-based buffer overflow vulnerability in virtual_file_ex (CVE-2016-6289)
  • Fix bug #72562: Use After Free in unserialize() with Unexpected Session Deserialization (CVE-2016-6290)
  • Fix bug #72603: Out of bound read in exif_process_IFD_in_MAKERNOTE (CVE-2016-6291)
  • Fix bug #72533: locale_accept_from_http out-of-bounds access (CVE-2016-6294)
  • Fix bug #69975: PHP segfaults when accessing nvarchar(max) defined columns (CVE-2015-8879)
  • Fix bug #72606: heap-buffer-overflow (write) simplestring_addn simplestring.c (CVE-2016-6296)
  • Fix bug #72293: Heap overflow in mysqlnd related to BIT fields (CVE-2016-7412)
  • Fix bug #72860: wddx_deserialize use-after-free (CVE-2016-7413)
  • Fix bug #72928: Out of bound when verify signature of zip phar in phar_parse_zipfile (CVE-2016-7414)
  • Fix bug #73007: SEH buffer overflow msgfmt_format_message (CVE-2016-7416)
  • Fix bug #73029: Missing type check when unserializing SplArray (CVE-2016-7417)
  • Fix bug #73065: Out-Of-Bounds Read in php_wddx_push_element of wddx.c (CVE-2016-7418)
  • Fix bug #73280: Stack Buffer Overflow in GD dynamicGetbuf (CVE-2016-8670)
  • Fix bug #73764: Crash while loading hostile phar archive (CVE-2016-10159)
  • Fix bug #73768: Memory corruption when loading hostile phar (CVE-2016-10160)
  • Fix bug #72627: Memory Leakage In exif_process_IFD_in_TIFF (CVE-2016-7128)
  • Fix bug #70350: ZipArchive::extractTo allows for directory traversal when creating directories (CVE-2014-9767)
  • Fix bug #70081: SoapClient info leak / null pointer dereference via multiple type confusions (CVE-2015-8835)
  • Fix bug #70121: unserialize() could lead to unexpected methods execution / NULL pointer deref (CVE-2015-8876)
  • Fix bug #71906: AddressSanitizer: negative-size-param (-1) in mbfl_strcut (CVE-2016-4073)
  • Fix bug #70014: openssl_random_pseudo_bytes() is not cryptographically secure (CVE-2015-8867)
  • Fix bug #77371: heap buffer overflow in mb regex functions
  • compile_string_node (CVE-2019-9023)
  • Fix bug #77381: heap buffer overflow in multibyte match_at (CVE-2019-9023)
  • Fix bug #77382: heap buffer overflow due to incorrect length in expand_case_fold_string (CVE-2019-9023)
  • Fix bug #77385: buffer overflow in fetch_token (CVE-2019-9023)
  • Fix bug #77394: Buffer overflow in multibyte case folding - unicode (CVE-2019-9023)
  • Fix vulnerabilities with oniguruma: CVE-2017-9226, CVE-2017-9224, CVE-2017-9227, CVE-2017-9228, CVE-2019-13224
  • Fix general vulneravilities: CVE-2014-9653, CVE-2015-0235, CVE-2015-3152, CVE-2016-3074
  • Fix bug #79699: PHP parses encoded cookie names so malicious `__Host-` cookies can be sent (CVE-2020-7070)
  • Fix bug #80007: Potential type confusion in unixtojd() parameter parsing

This update includes 227 vulnerability fixes.

Update command

yum update php-*

Immediate update (via bypass)

yum update *-els-release
yum update php-* --enablerepo=ELS6-rollout-1-bypass

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Inessa Atmachian

Written by Inessa Atmachian

Inessa Atmachian is a Technical Writer. She is responsible for developing technical product documentation for CloudLinux OS, KernelCare, and Imunify360 products. She provides customers with release notes and information on product updates.

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