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PHP 5.1 End-Of-Life

php51eol_bannerIt is time to say goodbye to PHP 5.1. As one of the earliest web development tools, we’ve supported PHP 5.1 for many years.

However, the technology behind PHP 5.1 is outdated and only a small number of websites still use it. We are officially end of life-ing our support for PHP 5.1. If you check the PHP.net end-of-life schedule, it's been dead upstream for almost 17 years.

New Video Content: Workforce Planning Webinar Now Available On Demand

YT_webinarcoverView our recent webinar any time to revisit key concepts or to use a tool to help in planning. “Optimize Talent, Retain Customers, and Grow Profits through Technical Support Planning” is now available to view any time by clicking here.

CloudLinux OS 9 is now available for non-panel and custom panel installations


CloudLinux is breaking into the new 2023 year with the CloudLinux OS 9 release for non-panel and custom panel installations. The new version with the kernel and system packages update brings the experience of a powerful Linux community to CloudLinux customers. In this article, we’ll outline all the new features and benefits of CloudLinux OS 9 as well and mention the system limitations.

Cldeploy script updated


A new updated cldeploy script version 1.95 is now available for download from the CloudLinux repository https://repo.cloudlinux.com/cloudlinux/sources/cln/cldeploy.



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