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Elevating WordPress Hosting: The WP Squared and CloudLinux Collaboration

Elevating WordPress Hosting: The WP Squared and CloudLinux Collaboration

WebPros is excited to launch WP Squared, a revolutionary WordPress hosting solution, and CloudLinux is equally pleased to be part of this venture. This partnership fundamentally changes the hosting landscape by delivering unmatched speed, security, and performance—key elements for any successful website. WP Squared simplifies WordPress management, offering a streamlined, user-oriented platform that incorporates CloudLinux's cutting-edge products - Imunify360 Unlimited, CloudLinux OS Shared Pro, and AccelerateWP Premium.

Discover the Future of WordPress at WordCamp Phoenix 2024 with CloudLinux’s CEO

WordCamp Phoenix 2024 with CloudLinux’s CEO

Attention WordPress enthusiasts! The much-anticipated WordCamp Phoenix 2024 is just around the corner, and it’s shaping up to be an event you won’t want to miss. Scheduled for February 9-10 at Phoenix College in Arizona, this event promises to be a melting pot of ideas, innovations, and insights in the world of WordPress.


Make Your Managed VPS Offering Stand Out with AccelerateWP: Premium WordPress Performance Comparable to High-End Managed WordPress Hosting

CL_Stand Out in Your Managed VPS Hosting_V2 copy

For VPS providers looking to enhance their WordPress offering, our latest performance features are now ready for integration. Depending on your infrastructure and client base, these functionalities can be made available to individual VPS users or implemented on all your VPS servers with CloudLinux OS Solo or Admin licenses. With the addition of AccelerateWP premium services, you can provide top-tier optimization value to your VPS customers.

AccelerateWP releases highly requested premium features for your WordPress Hosting

Critical CSS generation & Image optimization

Game-changing Release: Critical CSS Generation & Image Optimization. New Services Deliver 75% More Advice and Automated Optimization for Website Owners and Upselling opportunities for Hosting Providers!


We are proud to be recognized for our rock-solid stability provider for hosters and we’re happy to move forward knowing what tools can best help our clients stay competitive (and make more profit) in a fast-paced market. Today, we are excited to deliver the highest value release of functionality since the original launch of AccelerateWP that brings substantial performance value to WordPress hosting.

Debunking the Blame Game: Why Web Hosts, Not Users, Must Own WordPress Website Security


In today's digital landscape, website security is of paramount importance, especially for WordPress sites. A common misconception is that the responsibility for website security falls squarely on the end user or website owner. However, this perspective is short-sighted and neglects the intricate and ever-evolving nature of the WordPress ecosystem. In reality, web hosts should step up and take charge of their customers' website security, putting an end to the blame game. Here's why:

WP Optimization Suite - A New Powerful Feature for Websites Performance


Updates from Sept 20, 2021: WP Optimization Suite packages were released to the stable repository!


Performance is one of the most important benefits a web host can offer, that’s why Cloudlinux continues to expand the features portfolio with a new powerful tool that will help website and server owners to speed up their business even more. We are happy to announce the WP Optimization Suite beta release (already available in a stable version). 



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