CloudLinux OS 8 / CloudLinux OS 7 Hybrid Hardware Compatibility Warning

Jun 18, 2020 7:59:25 PM / by Ivan Zhmud



Our customers report that CloudLinux 7 hybrid and CloudLinux 8 kernels don’t boot (have boot issues) on aged hardware where CloudLinux 7 kernel works (boot) fine. The root case problem discovered LSI SAS / SATA Raids devices support has been canceled by Red Hat without notice.

The list of unsupported devices in RHEL 8 (CloudLinux 8/CloudLinux 7 Hybrid):

  • LSI SAS 1064 (PCI ID: 0x1000:0x0050)
  • LSI SAS 1068 (PCI ID: 0x1000:0x005C)
  • LSI SAS 1064E (PCI ID: 0x1000:0x0056)
  • LSI SAS 1068E (PCI ID: 0x1000:0x005E)
  • LSI SAS 1078 (PCI ID: 0x1000:0x0062)
  • LSI SAS 1068_820XELP (PCI ID: 0x1000:0x0059)
  • LSI SAS 1064R (PCI ID: 0x1000:0x0411)
  • LSI SAS 1078R (PCI ID: 0x1000:0x0060)
  • LSI SAS 1078DE (PCI ID: 0x1000:0x007C)
  • LSI SAS 1078GEN2 (PCI ID: 0x1000:0x0078)
  • LSI SAS 0079GEN2 (PCI ID: 0x1000:0x0079)
  • LSI SAS 0073SKINNY (PCI ID: 0x1000:0x0073)
  • LSI SAS 0071SKINNY (PCI ID: 0x1000:0x0071)
  • LSI SAS 2004 (PCI ID: 0x1000:0x0070)
  • LSI SAS 2008 (PCI ID: 0x1000:0x0072)
  • LSI SAS 2108_1 (PCI ID: 0x1000:0x0074)
  • LSI SAS 2108_2 (PCI ID: 0x1000:0x0076)
  • LSI SAS 2108_3 (PCI ID: 0x1000:0x0077)
  • LSI SAS 2116_1 (PCI ID: 0x1000:0x0064)
  • LSI SAS 2116_2 (PCI ID: 0x1000:0x0065)
  • LSI SSS 6200 (PCI ID: 0x1000:0x007E)
  • LSI VERDE ZCR (PCI ID: 0x1000:0x0413)
  • LSI 53C1035 (PCI ID: 0x1000:0x0040)

For now, we're working on bringing the support back for those, listed above. Concerning other unsupported devices, we're going to act on-demand fashion.

The full list of unsupported hardware can be found here:

We are very sorry about this issue and doing our best to resolve it but before this happens we don't recommend installing CloudLinux 8 / CloudLinux 7 Hybrid kernel on a device from the list.

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Ivan Zhmud

Written by Ivan Zhmud

Ivan is a Project Manager at CloudLinux and is leading the CloudLinux OS product team.

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