Extended Lifecycle Support for CloudLinux OS 6

Mar 23, 2020 5:25:44 PM / by Alexander Vinogradov




We at CloudLinux are offering extended lifecycle support for CloudLinux OS 6. Development of version 6 stops in November of this year, but our support for it will continue through 2024. 

Why Are We Offering It?

Why are we offering extended lifecycle support for version 6 of the CloudLinux OS? We understand that many enterprises and hosting companies aren’t yet ready to migrate to a new version of CloudLinux OS, and we’re committed to supporting them in the meantime. 

What Does It Include?

What does this extended lifecycle support include? Continued patching and updates for elements critical to web hosting, such as Apache, PHP, MySQL, Glibc, OpenSSL, and OpenSSH. And, as part of this support, cPanel will continue to support CloudLinux OS 6.

How Long Does It Run?

Extended lifecycle support for CloudLinux OS 6 runs through June of 2024. This makes it possible to skip version 7 and migrate directly to CloudLinux OS 8 in 2024. We anticipate that a few enterprises will employ this option, and we’re happy to make that possible.

How Much Does It Cost?

Less than you might think. In Year One, just add 10% to your current licensing fee. In Year Two, add 20%, and in Year Three add 30%. You can order the extended lifecycle support now, and not pay until December of this year. 

How Do You Get It? 

If you’d like to arrange for extended lifecycle support for CloudLinux OS 6, just contact us at sales@cloudlinux.com or sign up online. Someone from CloudLinux will get back to you, and consult with you about your organization’s particular support needs. More info at: https://www.cloudlinux.com/extended-support-cloudlinux-os-6


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Alexander Vinogradov

Written by Alexander Vinogradov

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