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End-of-Life Announcement for CloudLinux OS 6

End-of-Life Announcement for CloudLinux OS 6

We are announcing the end of life for CloudLinux OS 6 (CL6) on June 30th, 2024. Here are the key points regarding our updated strategy:

Welcoming Patchman to the CloudLinux Family: A Strategic Acquisition for Enhanced Solutions

CloudLinux acquires Patchman for superior tech solutions

At Cloud Linux Software, Inc., we are thrilled to share a pivotal update with our community. Today marks a significant milestone in our growth and commitment to delivering superior solutions in the tech industry. We are proud to announce the acquisition of the Patchman service from Patchman B.V., a strategic move that aligns with our vision of offering cutting-edge services and technologies.

PHP 4.4 End-Of-Life

php4.4-eol-blog It is time to say goodbye to PHP 4.4.

As one of the earliest web development tools, we’ve supported PHP 4.4 for many years. However, the technology behind PHP 4.4 is outdated, and only a small number of websites still use it. We are officially end of life-ing our support for PHP 4.4. If you check the PHP.net end-of-life schedule, it's been dead upstream for 13 years

We will not be patching security vulnerabilities in PHP 4.4 beyond Jul 1, 2023. If you use PHP 4.4, watch for the date.


Introducing CloudLinux OS 8 with cPanel and Plesk Compatibility

CloudLinux 8 cPanel and PleskIn February 2020, we released CloudLinux OS 8 with the 4.18 Kernel. The rollout was a success as users experienced reliability and full update support via CloudLinux. Now, we are pleased to announce full compatibility with cPanel and Plesk control panel interfaces. While it showed great performance and strong workability on the DirectAdmin servers, the latest compatibility update adds much-needed GUI support, something web hosters will surely appreciate.



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