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CloudLinux Now Offers Seamless Switching Between Editions


CloudLinux has made transitioning between editions smoother than ever. With all license editions unified under a single software package, customers can easily switch licenses and activate new features. Now, users can seamlessly move from CL Solo to CL Admin/Shared/Shared PRO, regardless of LVE support, and explore multiple transition paths for greater flexibility and choice.

Streamlined License Management: CloudLinux Shared and Share Pro Combined Under One CLN User Account

Shared&Pro under one account

We are thrilled to announce a technical improvement that simplifies license management for our customers. We have integrated CloudLinux Shared and Share Pro products into a single CloudLinux Network (CLN) user account, eliminating the need for multiple accounts. This integration streamlines access to both license types, simplifying administration and reducing operational complexities.

The complete CloudLinux OS license suite is now available for Plesk customers


Last year CloudLinux released a range of new features to meet the goals and needs of different audiences. The features were released in waves, and today we’re delighted to announce that our development team added support for the Plesk hosting control panel which now covers all 4 license types available for CloudLinux OS.


Starting today, hosting providers that use the Plesk hosting control panel can install CloudLinux OS Solo, Admin, Shared, and Shared Pro and enjoy full CloudLinux functionality.



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