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Meet AccelerateWP now on Plesk



CloudLinux is excited to announce that our ground-breaking AccelerateWP toolset is now available on Plesk Control Panel. Anyone who uses Plesk Control Panel and CloudLinux OS with a Solo, Admin, or Shared Pro license can now activate the powerful capabilities of AccelerateWP to turbocharge the performance of WordPress instances.    


AccelerateWP, initially rolled out 9 months ago, has proven very popular with CloudLinux customers. It’s been our hottest, most desired feature of the year and we’ve been working hard to deliver Plesk support as well.


Three New CloudLinux Solo Features for Demanding Hosting Clients


Successful online businesses can quickly outgrow the shared hosting plans offered by hosting providers. Growing e-commerce and content sites may start out with shared hosting, but eventually require VPS hosting or dedicated hardware to handle growing traffic volumes.

CloudLinux addressed this need by rolling out CloudLinux OS Solo, a hosting OS for small businesses or individuals with just one hosting account – but the need for a robust hosting OS that can handle high traffic volumes.

Thanks to CloudLinux OS Solo, online businesses can now migrate to a VPS or dedicated hosting solution that has the same features the site owner enjoyed on a shared server.

Significant Changes Coming to MariaDB's Update Schedule

unnamed (6)-1Changes in MariaDB's Update Schedule

If your Linux distro uses MariaDB Community Server, take note of significant changes made to how MariaDB is distributed to millions of users across the globe – specifically the schedule for feature updates. The previous schedule followed a five-year end-of-life term with updates once per year and five years of support. MariaDB's new schedule provides major updates quarterly with only one year of support.

CloudLinux Manager now allows setting MySQL Governor limits on Packages

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CloudLinux Manager now allows setting MySQL Governor limits on Packages

It’s been a little over a month since the Product Features Portal was launched, our web-based resource where CloudLinux customers can stay up-to-date on our product roadmap, follow the decision-making process for new features, and contribute to decision-making.

CloudLinux OS ELevate for non-panel system released to Beta. Plan your 7 to 8 version migration now.

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It wasn't possible-until now. Easily migrate between CloudLinux OS versions.

Remember the last time you performed mass migration? Even simply changing a workplace takes tons of effort and strength–moral and physical. And it’s a hundred times more important when we talk about customer-facing products and services when an administrator should migrate servers manually or take extended support.

[Live Webinar] “AccelerateWP is Production Ready! Enhance Your WordPress Offering for Free…Forever”


image (2)-1

What if you could receive a customized diagnosis when your customer’s website is performing poorly? And what if that actionable feedback showed up instantly without being prompted … and only required a click to activate?

What if those features were forever free?

Welcome to AccelerateWP, the free edition.

CloudLinux OS Features Portal Release

The CloudLinux OS product team is excited to announce the release of our Product Features Portal, a web-based resource where CloudLinux customers can stay up-to-date on our product roadmap. The new portal allows users to follow the decision-making process for new features, and to contribute to decision-making.

AccelerateWP Premium announcement for premium edition


It's been five months since the AccelerateWP Beta program launched. More than 100 hosting providers and more than 500 websites joined the program using AccelerateWP optimization and provided positive feedback on performance improvements. Until now, the program has focused primarily on Apache servers, with a goal to become the best performance optimization utility for WordPress. As previously announced, the commercial launch of AccelerateWP is planned for Q2 2022. However, our Beta program participants already have access to offer the core optimization and premium Object Cache features of AccelerateWP to their users for free. Now, after working closely with beta participants and their customers to better quantify the value of AccelerateWP, we have reached an exciting milestone. Today, we are ready to share our official pricing and packaging guide for premium features of AccelerateWP. This will also allow beta program participants to create marketing collateral for their end-users and package their hosting plans accordingly. 

CloudLinux Subsystem for Ubuntu® (Beta release)


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Table of content

  • cPanel for Ubuntu® 20.04, plus CloudLinux Subsystem - easy then conversion route
  • Solving the gaps in Ubuntu® hosting
  • What is the role of the CloudLinux Subsystem for Ubuntu®?
  • Overcoming problems with server limitations through LVE
  • What kind of limits are available for Ubuntu® right now?
  • What other features will be available for the CloudLinux Subsystem for Ubuntu®?
  • Switching quickly and safely

Ubuntu® remains a very popular OS. Sure, measuring the relative market share of Linux distributions is incredibly difficult because there are many sources of data, and every source measures something else.

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