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Beta: CloudLinux OS Solo & DirectAdmin – better together


CloudLinux OS Solo is growing and expanding so that more and more customers can bring all the benefits of the CloudLinux OS Solo edition to manage their servers.

Meet Cloudlinux OS Solo Stable release


All the benefits of a secure and reliable operating system are now available for you and your customers from $4 per server.

Packages related to CloudLinux OS Solo have been rolled out to 100%


Packages related to the CloudLinux OS Solo release have been rolled out to 100% and are now available for download from our production repository.

Packages related to CloudLinux OS Solo have been scheduled for gradual rollout


New updated liblve, cagefs, web-monitoring-tool, lvemanager, cl-end-server-tools, lve-utils, cloudlinux-solo-meta, rhn-client-tools, lvemanager-xray, lve-wrappers, lve-stats, cloudlinux-linksafe, alt-php74, and ea-profiles-cpanel packages have been scheduled for gradual rollout from our production repository.

CloudLinux OS Solo: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


After the release of CloudLinux OS Solo, we’ve got a lot of feedback from our customers. But along with compliments, our support team keeps receiving questions about CloudLinux OS Solo. And here I am to answer the most frequently asked questions.

Beta: CloudLinux OS Solo released


Today, I’m very pleased to announce that a new operating system for VPS and dedicated servers with a single hosting account for any number of websites – CloudLinux OS Solo – released to beta.

New CloudLinux OS Solo Release

solo-releaseTry a new operating system for your single user account for free and optimize your server and website performance.

The CloudLinux team is pleased to announce the new CloudLinux OS Solo, a secure and reliable operating system engineered for small businesses. Become an early adopter and test a beta version for free. We aim to offer small businesses a server operating system focused on the reliability and security of web applications.

New Linux OS for small businesses and individuals with just one hosting account


Register for Beta testing and get a chance to make a difference in product development.


Why did create a new Operating System?

Our starting point was clear. Based on research results, our clients overwhelmingly want the classic CloudLinux OS with VPS and VMs, which only a few users then utilize. One main request is a robust set of CloudLinux features on one server at affordable prices. Consequently, we found hundreds of VPSs with five or fewer websites hosted by a single client, many of which use VMs for staging and production. Some clients want a stable OS with technical support that is secure and not open-sourced.



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