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CloudLinux Now Offers Seamless Switching Between Editions


CloudLinux has made transitioning between editions smoother than ever. With all license editions unified under a single software package, customers can easily switch licenses and activate new features. Now, users can seamlessly move from CL Solo to CL Admin/Shared/Shared PRO, regardless of LVE support, and explore multiple transition paths for greater flexibility and choice.

The complete CloudLinux OS license suite is now available for Plesk customers


Last year CloudLinux released a range of new features to meet the goals and needs of different audiences. The features were released in waves, and today we’re delighted to announce that our development team added support for the Plesk hosting control panel which now covers all 4 license types available for CloudLinux OS.


Starting today, hosting providers that use the Plesk hosting control panel can install CloudLinux OS Solo, Admin, Shared, and Shared Pro and enjoy full CloudLinux functionality.

Three New CloudLinux Solo Features for Demanding Hosting Clients

Three New CloudLinux Solo Features

Successful online businesses can quickly outgrow the shared hosting plans offered by hosting providers. Growing e-commerce and content sites may start out with shared hosting, but eventually require VPS hosting or dedicated hardware to handle growing traffic volumes.

CloudLinux addressed this need by rolling out CloudLinux OS Solo, a hosting OS for small businesses or individuals with just one hosting account – but the need for a robust hosting OS that can handle high traffic volumes.

Thanks to CloudLinux OS Solo, online businesses can now migrate to a VPS or dedicated hosting solution that has the same features the site owner enjoyed on a shared server.

CloudLinux Manager now allows setting MySQL Governor limits on Packages

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CloudLinux Manager now allows setting MySQL Governor limits on Packages

It’s been a little over a month since the Product Features Portal was launched, our web-based resource where CloudLinux customers can stay up-to-date on our product roadmap, follow the decision-making process for new features, and contribute to decision-making.

Beta: CloudLinux OS Solo & DirectAdmin – better together


CloudLinux OS Solo is growing and expanding so that more and more customers can bring all the benefits of the CloudLinux OS Solo edition to manage their servers.

Meet Cloudlinux OS Solo Stable release


All the benefits of a secure and reliable operating system are now available for you and your customers from $4 per server.

Packages related to CloudLinux OS Solo have been rolled out to 100%


Packages related to the CloudLinux OS Solo release have been rolled out to 100% and are now available for download from our production repository.

Packages related to CloudLinux OS Solo have been scheduled for gradual rollout


New updated liblve, cagefs, web-monitoring-tool, lvemanager, cl-end-server-tools, lve-utils, cloudlinux-solo-meta, rhn-client-tools, lvemanager-xray, lve-wrappers, lve-stats, cloudlinux-linksafe, alt-php74, and ea-profiles-cpanel packages have been scheduled for gradual rollout from our production repository.

CloudLinux OS Solo: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


After the release of CloudLinux OS Solo, we’ve got a lot of feedback from our customers. But along with compliments, our support team keeps receiving questions about CloudLinux OS Solo. And here I am to answer the most frequently asked questions.



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