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Now supporting mod_lsapi for Nginx

Now supporting mod_lsapi for Nginx

This update introduces comprehensive support for the mod_lsapi module with NGINX, marking a significant enhancement in the efficiency and functionality of NGINX servers utilizing LSAPI. This integration not only broadens the capabilities of NGINX servers but also ensures compatibility with key features and the stability of hosted applications. Here's what's new:

CloudLinux ELevate: Stable Version Now Released


CloudLinux ELevate: Stable Version Now Released

CloudLinux proudly announces the stable release of ELevate, making it easier for users to transition from CloudLinux 7 to CloudLinux 8. With enhanced features and refinements, ELevate ensures a smooth migration journey for hosting providers. Learn more about ELevate here.

Note: Even after the stable release, ELevate represents a significant alteration to the operating system's structure and carries potential risks. Therefore, making a full server backup before initiating the ELevate process is crucial to ensure the server's recovery and functionality should any issues arise.

CVE-2024-1086 Vulnerability - Mitigation for CloudLinux OS servers


A new vulnerability was discovered in the Netfilter subsystem in the Linux kernel identified as CVE-2024-1086. The CloudLinux team is actively working to address and mitigate the security issue within our software.

*Please note: An update for April 3, 2024, has been added to the end of this post

CloudLinux Now Offers Seamless Switching Between Editions


CloudLinux has made transitioning between editions smoother than ever. With all license editions unified under a single software package, customers can easily switch licenses and activate new features. Now, users can seamlessly move from CL Solo to CL Admin/Shared/Shared PRO, regardless of LVE support, and explore multiple transition paths for greater flexibility and choice.

Technical Update: Deprecation of Percona Support


Due to the limited interest in Percona demonstrated by usage data, the decision was made to cease further updates of Percona starting from March 13th.


Tech Update: CloudLinux 9 and cPanel 118 Integration Now Stable for Production

CloudLinux 9 and cPanel 118 Integration
The CloudLinux OS team is pleased to announce that CL9 + cPanel is now ready for production use. After eagerly awaiting the stable release of cPanel version 118, we can now officially confirm its availability. For detailed information on supported operating systems for cPanel, check out the official documentation here.


Navigating Change: CloudLinux 6/7 End-of-Life and Migration Strategies

CloudLinux 6/7 End-of-Life

Effective July 1st, 2024, CloudLinux 6 and 7 will reach End of Life (EOL). Routine updates and support will cease, but critical CVE support for issues with a severity score of 8 or higher will continue until July 1st, 2025. This extension allows administrators additional time to plan migrations.

Additionally, the repositories will remain available with the frozen versions of packages until March 1st, 2029.

CloudLinux 8.9 release

CL OS 8.9 Release

We are pleased to announce that a new CloudLinux OS 8.9 is now available. Since AlmaLinux OS announced new version availability, CloudLinux team is happy to test it and set up a gradual rollout for all our customers.


ETA for the full rollout is December 11th


Version 8.9 updates include improved security management, updated application streams, and enhanced automation capabilities for systems and containers.

You can read more about this release by checking out the AlmaLinux OS Release Notes.

Cldeploy script updated


A new updated cldeploy script version v1.102 is now available for download from the CloudLinux repository

CloudLinux Takes Action Against Zenbleed Vulnerability: Upcoming Patches



CVE-2023-20593 (Cross-Process Information Leak on AMD Zenbleed systems) was published in the official security bulletin  on July 25th, 2023. Please read this security blog to learn more about this vulnerability.

Table of content:

1. Vulnerability description 

2. Mitigation guide for CloudLinux OS

3. Updates as of August 3, 2023 - clarification on OS versions required for mitigation

4. Updates as of August 11, 2023 - update command for CloudLinux OS 7 hybrid added 




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